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*Due to COVID-19 we are not currently accepting volunteers. We will update our website once we are able to accept volunteers again. We are currently serving our most at-risk youth, ensuring they have distance learning supplies, as well as groceries. We are accepting donations to help the local community.*

 When you volunteer at Community United San José, you are doing much more than giving back to the community—you are helping children make good choices.

Volunteers can find ongoing opportunities in both of our centers, at Starbird and Alma Youth Centers. Both locations are particularly in need of volunteers to help with homework, sports, technology, and our Good Choices program.

Corporations and Civic Groups:


Corporations and civic groups are encouraged to contribute services, in-kind gifts and volunteer time. Depending on the group’s needs and interests, you may take part in one-day special events, renovation projects, workshops, field trips or ongoing volunteer programs.

Individual Volunteer:


You’d be amazed how just one hour a week can truly make the difference in the life of a young person. Spend that one hour tutoring, coaching a sports team, or teaching a life skills class like cooking, computers, art—or any skill from the book, “How to Make Good Choices”.


Be part of making positive change in our community!


Steps to become a volunteer are easy. We accept applicants from ages 14 on up.


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