"How to Make Good Choices" Program 2017
Video Production: "Stand Up" (2:30)
3rd Annual Golf Tournament (3:08)
Good Choices Program Overview (4:43)
SJ Earthquakes Practice (2:17)
Lucha Libre at Starbird
Community United Empowers (3:08)
Stars in the Park 2011 (3:23)
"Family Giving Tree" at Starbird, 2011 (3:17)
"Family Giving Tree" at Alma, 2011 (2:21)
"Walk for Youth" Walk-a-thon (4:06)
"National Night Out" at Starbird 2011 (5:33)
"Good Choices Program" in San Jose (6:59)
Thank You to Our Sponsors (3:34)

Public Service Announcements

Ch 1 - Take Care of Yourself (1:03)
Ch 2 - Be Temperate (1:04)

"I learned that when you make good choices, everything in the world seems simpler.  You can live your life to the fullest. You can do what you want to do. The people that come speak to us about making good choices always give me ideas, so that I make my own good choices. 

"This program can help young kids a lot to make good choices."

— RC