Community Partners

Community United San José values its community partnerships. As a nonprofit entity, we strive to serve our San José youth and we do so in collaboration with many outstanding schools, neighborhoods, churches and organizations. 















“Community United has worked tirelessly to provide meaningful programs at Starbird Youth Center. 

They are committed to providing our youth with safe and fun ways to continue their learning beyond the classroom.”

Councilmember District 1

Chappie Jones (Nov 2017)

“Community United has focused 
on community outreach by partnering with community 
groups, our local churches, associated members of the 
San José Mayor’s Gang Prevention Task Force—as 
well as their current collaboration with many of our District 1 neighborhood associations.

”They continue to show their commitment and dedication to 
our community by collaborating with our neighborhood leaders and youth…”

Pete Constant

”Community United plays an important role in the Mayor's 
Gang Prevention Task Force 
and the relationships built 
through their agency and their services provided will 
contribute greatly to the gang intervention and prevention 
efforts in San José.

Mario Maciel