What does Community United do?

Community United's efforts are focused on delivering services to at-risk youth at the Starbird Youth Center in San Jose. As of 2011, this youth center is no longer being financed by the City of San Jose and was actually slated for closure.

The Starbird Youth Center is located in a zone designated by the City of San Jose as a "hot-spot" for gang activities. Lack of services to youth in this area can only contribute to the problem. Community United is now contracted with the City of San Jose as the Lead Service Provider for the Starbird Youth Center. We are keeping the center open and providing needed services and activities to the youth in this area.

Community United has partnered with other youth service providers to provide a variety of programs in which youth can participate. "The Good Choices Program" is now one of the many programs we deliver that engage youth in art, homework help, literacy improvement, and taking care of the environment.


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Two Locations:

Our programs are delivered
in two locations:

Lead Service Provider at:

Starbird Youth Center

1050 Boynton Avenue
San Jose, CA 95117

Service provider at:

Alma Youth Center

136 West Alma Avenue
San Jose, CA 95110

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