We are a non-profit organization committed to creating opportunity for at-risk youth by increasing their awareness of the possibilities to lead happier, more creative and productive lives.

Too many of our San José youth are exposed to a culture of street drugs, crime and gang violence right in their own neighborhoods. Too many of them never realize that better alternatives exist for a happier and more prosperous lifestyle.

In order to help these youth make good choices in life, we believe they need factual information and basic guidelines for achieving happiness and success.

We give them examples they can follow, and we show them opportunities available to them beyond their own neighborhoods. In our "How To Make Good Choices" workshops, we bring in community leaders who have used these concepts and achieved results. We bring the kids together with their peers and encourage them to apply these principles while engaging in team sports, martial arts, art projects and various entertaining events.

Their future is their choice—and our job is to help them make good choices.

News & Events

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Thanksgiving at the Youth Center21-Nov-2015

A grand Thanksgiving meal was put on by staff and volunteers at Starbird Youth Center. ..

The Good Choices Program

is based on the book "The Way to Happiness" (a non-religious, common sense moral guide) covering 21 principles for one to live by that foster personal integrity, responsibility, respect, caring and productivity—putting a person on the road to success.

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